About Chris & Susan

Hi there,

In 2011, we opened RussoRoss, a Baton Rouge boutique featuring unique, fashionable, age appropriate clothing. Of course, we want to sell you wonderful clothing and accessories. But more than that, we want to engage a community of women who are not only interested in clothing but in enriching their lifestyles.

We bring unusual backgrounds to our fashion table. Susan is an artist and graphic designer, having served as an art director and managing editor at InRegister magazine. Chris is a journalist, who worked at The Advocate and served as founder and editor of InRegister magazine for 20 years. Her book, My Brother’s Keeper, was published in 2017.

Our offering of clothing and accessories is curated to solve your problems. Whether you have a special occasion or simply interested in putting together an everyday casual style, we can help. A lot of our customers are transitioning ... into a new career or maybe part-time employment ... into retirement and baby sitting grandkids ... into traveling. Whatever your lifestyle needs, we want to help you put the right look together.

- Chris Russo and Susan Ross