*BEGIN HERE: Get your closet ready

01 Apr

Well, spring was here and then we had our usual one last cold snap. It’s a perfect time to “refigure” your closet for spring. “Closets are powerful. They contain the power to make us feel fat, fit, frumpy, or fabulous,” says Kim Johnson Gross in her book, What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life. “Yet, each of us holds the power to shape our closets and the way we want them to make us feel.”

Here’s Kim’s formula for closet cleaning in 3 steps:

1. Assess: Examine your life and think about what you need to wear now. That career wardrobe may not fit your body or your lifestyle now. Check your calendar for any upcoming special events that require specific clothing.

2. Dejunk: This step requires patience, honesty, a full-length mirror and good lighting. Try on your clothes each season; check for fit, what needs alterations and what still suits your lifestyle.

3. Renew: Look at what’s left and determine what you still need. We will be glad to help you with this!

Seriously, we are happy to help with professional, honest closet clean outs and updates. Call RussoRoss at 225-366-6647 and make an appointment.

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