Spray Tans: Sat., April 13

01 Apr

Looking sun-kissed helps give me confidence as I stand in front of my closet with its newly-curated barer clothing for spring. Yes, since my sweaters have been put away, some of that very pale skin is bound to show as arms and legs peek out. Luckily, we have A Spray of Sunshine Mobile Tanning Service joining us as part of our Spring Preview event Saturday, April 13. Madelyn Ogea will set up and take appointments from 10 am to 5 pm. Call us at 225-366-6647 to set up an appointment. Or, visit www.sprayofsunshinenola.com and book your appointment online.

Don’t be anxious if it’s your first spray tan. It’s a fast and easy process - and there’s absolutely NO smell. To prepare, be sure to bathe or shower, shave and exfoliate beforehand.

Aimee Jordan of the Minneapolis Star Tribune answers all your questions about spray tanning here:


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